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Mental Health Department

   Provides assessment, counseling, treatment, and crisis services to adults, children and families with mental health impairments, on a sliding scale basis. Provides court-ordered evaluations for family courts in Tompkins and adjacent counties, and evaluates and provides or monitors mental health services for jail inmates.

EMERGENCY AND CRISIS -- FOR 24-HOUR HELP Call the Crisis Phone Line, Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service - (607) 272-1616. 24-hour crisis intervention telephone service provides counseling for people of all ages who are considering suicide or struggling with such issues as depression, loss, grief, family problems, health/mental health problems or addiction.

Click HERE for the Tompkins County Mental Health Services Compliance Plan, Policies and Procedures.
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Phone: 607-274-6200
Fax: 607-274-6316
Mental Health
201 E. Green Street
Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday 8:30-6:00 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30-4:30

Adult Mental Health Services
This program is designed to provide and oversee clinical services to adults with acute psychiatric problems and/or with recurrent acute episodes of disability in the context of chronic psychiatric conditions. Clinic treatment revolves around a specific treatment plan with goals and objectives, developed in collaboration with the treatment team and the client. Treatment may include psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, and/or case management. Therapy approach will be determined by diagnosis, severity of impairment, and client response.
For more information call 274-6200.

Children & Youth Mental Health Services
The Children and Youth Program is a NYS licensed outpatient treatment program for children with mental health problems. Services include psychiatric evaluation / assessment, psychological evaluation, social / family / home evaluation, behavior evaluation, medical assessments and alcohol and substance abuse screening. Also provided are services to Tompkins County Family Court in the form of mandated evaluations and treatment of children and their families referred by the Court.
For more information call 274-6200.

Community Support Services
Community Support Services is a program of the Tompkins County Mental Health Department that provides case management services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness. In the case management program, a client is matched one-to-one with a caseworker that can offer or provide access to a variety of services relating to the individual client’s needs. The result may be a short intervention of a few months during a transitional period, or a long-term relationship over a number of years.
For more information call 274-6333.

Emergency Services (Mental Health)
Emergency Outreach Service (EOS) - Emergency outreach is provided during the business week to individuals and families who have mental health needs that have become a crisis. Emergency outreach also provides ongoing consultation to local law enforcement agencies, assisting them in resolving mental health problems that come to their attention. Consultation will also be provided to other government agencies, local business and members of the community. Any life-threatening emergency should be resolved by calling 911. Tompkins County Mental Health also has specially trained staff that provide on-site expert consultation as part of a regional Critical Incident Negotiation Team (CINT). These staff are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist law enforcement with hostage negotiations, barricaded subjects and other critical incidents.
For more information call 274-6230.

Forensic Unit
The Forensic Program is the formal link between the mental health system and the criminal justice system providing assessment, evaluation and crisis intervention services to individuals who are inmates of the Tompkins County Public Safety Building or who are participating in the Alternatives to Incarceration, Felony Treatment Court, or Family Treatment Court Programs. Services include screening and consultation, transition case management, and treatment including medication recommendations and monitoring and supportive therapy. In the event of Court Ordered Evaluations, services include interviewing, psychological testing and evaluation, psychiatric examination and comprehensive bio-psycho-social evaluations and reports as well as expert testimony to the Court system. Community education is provided to Probation and Community Groups.
For more information call 274-6230.

Intensive Day Treatment Program IDTP
The Intensive Day Treatment Program is a highly structured program in which people participate three days per week, five hours per day. The Program provides services for those who have problems which might likely lead to in-patient admission, and people being discharged from in-patient treatment who need an intensive outpatient program. Candidates for IDPT typically need more structure and support than the Mental Health Clinic can provide and need to start services quickly (two to three days or less), and are not good candidates for traditional Continuing Day Treatment (their problems are severe and acute, with major periods of low functioning mixed with periods of higher functioning and higher potential for restoration of function in a time span of eight -sixteen weeks).


Mental Health Services: Assessment
The program functions as a Single Entry Point to the Tompkins County Mental Health Services and provides comprehensive, timely, quality mental health assessments, crisis intervention, therapy, consultations and referrals to appropriate programs. The professional staff provides assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care towards: diagnosis and treatment, teaching and consultation, client advocacy and coordination and management of care and services. At the initial phone contact, when a client reports mental health problems, an appointment for the initial assessment is arranged. After a comprehensive assessment, the evaluation is presented to the Treatment Team at the Assignment Meeting where representatives from all programs are present. Each client is assigned to a primary therapist and/or a psychiatrist. Other recommendations may include referrals to community agencies including coordination of housing services (such as Lakeview, Unity House and Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services).
For more information call 274-6200.

Outreach for older adults and those with special needs
The Outpatient Clinic will provide outreach in the home or residence for those who cannot get to mental health appointments or have special requirements. Outreach will also be provided to evaluate the needs of older adults not enrolled in mental health services. Consultation is also provided through Adult Protective Services and Visiting Nurse Service.
For more information call 274-6230.


Skylight Club (Continuing Day Treatment)
An outpatient mental health program for adults(18 and older) licensed by NYS Office for Mental Health. To be eligible for services, a person must have diagnosable mental illness and a dysfunction due to mental illness. Specific services include: assessment and treatment planning, medication therapy and education, case management, health screening and referral, rehabilitative readiness development, psychiatric rehabilitative readiness determination and referral, symptom management, supportive skills training, activity and verbal therapy, crisis intervention, clinical support services, and discharge planning.
For more information call 274-6262.

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